Who is Nando Costa?

Named to Latin Grammy 2020 for mastering the album "Cartographies" (Caetano Brasil) in category “Best Instrumental Album”, Nando Costa is a music producer and audio engineer based on Los Angeles (California, USA). Graduated in Music Production & Engineering (Summa Cum Laude) from Berklee College of Music (Boston, Massachusetts, USA), was awarded by Acoustical Society of America (ASA) in 2009 and the Music Production & Engineering Department of Berklee in 2011. Every day, Nando Costa has been standing out more and more in the Brazilian and North American music scene. In 2012, when he returned to Brazil for the first time, Nando started to lead music production works in several studios in the southeast region, including the Versão Acústica studio (São João Nepomuceno - MG), owned by the renowned singer, composer and performer Emmerson Nogueira, winner of numerous gold and platinum discs and DVDs. Nando has had the pleasure of working several times with Emmerson, including the full production and mixing of his last two studio albums — Emmerson Nogueira (2014) and Versão Acústica 5 (2015) - and the production, mixing and mastering of its most recent DVD, “Acoustic Version Sessions”, released in 2019. In addition to Emmerson, Nando has worked with big names in Brazilian and international music, such as the icon Milton Nascimento, the legendary American guitarist Stanley Jordan, the Latin Grammy Nominated Brazilian pop group Red, Rodrigo Suricato  (Suricate / Red Baron), Rafa Machado (Chimarruts), Flávio Landau, Gleison Tulio (Power Trio, ex-participant of Rede Globo's Superstar program), as well as projects with the participation of Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), John Ulhoa (Duck Fu), Marcelo Mira (Alma Djem), among several others. In his discography, Nando Costa has more than 60 records with complete production, countless singles, EP's and separate production, mixing and mastering services. In addition to his work as a professional in the music industry, Nando has been following music production, mixing and mastering courses for several years, has conducted dozens of face-to-face trainings in several states in Brazil and currently generates online content for his channel Nando Costa Music, which already has more than 17.000 subscribers. Since 2019, when he returned to the USA, Nando Costa has been offering music production, mixing and mastering services in his private studio. Brown Noise Studios and acts in the position of lead sound engineer in the studio group Mix Recording Studios, In Los Angeles.