General Terms and Conditions of Use


NANDO COSTA MUSIC, company established at Av. Olegário Maciel, nº 1767/101, Paineiras, Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, registered in the National Register of Legal Persons (CNPJ) under nº 24.165.465 / 0001-60, is a creator, holder, maintainer and provider of the online platform developed on the website ("Platform").

You, who access the Platform for free or by acquiring a subscription ("User") have access to the contents, tutorials, workshops, "step-by-step", "chat", free courses, all converted into digital media and transmitted online, live and / or recorded, in the area of ​​music production, mixing, mastering and correlates, among others (all content, collectively called "Course" in the singular or "Courses" in the plural ), with the objective of professional and personal improvement ("Services"), given by professionals carefully selected by Nando Costa Music ("Experts").

Therefore, these General Terms and Conditions of Use ("Terms") are intended to regulate the use of the Platform by the User, as stipulated in the items below.

These Terms are available for your access at any time by the User at In addition, these Terms and your use of the Platform apply to the fullest extent of the Privacy and Security Policy available at well as current legislation.

1. Acceptance

The User will be subject to these Terms when accessing the Platform, whether or not access to the Courses is free or costly, as well as to the other specific terms and regulations provided for in the Platform.

2. Platform Access and Use Conditions

2.1. Register

Access to the Courses provided in the Platform may be released to the User upon completion of registration, with all the mandatory information requested by the Platform and with the respective creation of login and password of access.

The User is solely responsible for the information provided by him when he registers on the Platform and declares their veracity and accuracy, including information about the form of payment in the case of subscription purchase. THE NANDO COSTA MUSIC is not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate information provided by the User upon registration and for any damages generated to third parties and the User due to any incorrect and untrue information provided.

O Usuário reconhece que, caso seja constatado que as informações fornecidas quando do seu cadastro são incorretas ou inverídicas, seu acesso à Plataforma poderá ser cancelado, independentemente de qualquer formalidade, sem que nada seja devido pela NANDO COSTA MUSIC, em razão de tal cancelamento.

The security of the registered password provided is the sole responsibility of the User, who should not share it with third parties and must maintain control of the equipment used to access the Platform, and the User is solely responsible for improper access resulting from any inappropriate use.

The User is responsible for updating and maintaining the accuracy of the information provided for registration in the Platform, as well as for payment in the event of subscription purchase.

Upon registration, the User will be allowed to access all open functionality of the Platform, which must be done in accordance with the rules stipulated in these Terms.

A NANDO COSTA MUSIC poderá cancelar ou suspender a conta do Usuário como medida de proteção à Plataforma, ao Usuário e a terceiros, caso tenha indícios de roubo de identidade, utilização/apropriação de meios de pagamento de forma ilícita e outras atividades fraudulentas, sem que nada seja devido pela NANDO COSTA MUSIC, em razão de tal cancelamento e suspensão.

The User must be greater than 18 (eighteen) years to acquire a Platform Access Plan and access the Courses. Minors may access the Platform through the supervision and implied authorization of the responsible adult.

2.2. Course Access

The Courses are made available to Registered Users with login and password in the Platform, in two different moments:

- Live Courses: These are the Courses offered on the Platform for live streaming and replay at specific dates and times, informed to the User on the Platform (“Live Courses”).

- Catalog Courses: The Courses made available on the Platform are derived from the following modalities: (a) Live Courses and eventual reruns after their edition; (b) Courses that were not made available live, but were produced, created, recorded and edited by Nando Costa Music and any partners, (c) Courses from third party content purchased by Nando Costa Music. NANDO COSTA MUSIC. The Catalog Courses will be available to the User for the period informed in the Platform or for the period of subscription of the Courses ("Access Plan"). The Catalog Courses may be accompanied by complementary teaching materials, made available for download by the User ("Auxiliary Materials") that have acquired an Access Plan.

In any event, the Live and Catalog Courses will be available to the User for online viewing only via the Platform, and will not provide the Platform with DVDs, thumb drives, printed materials, download links, or any other recorded media via any existing support.

The Live Courses and eventual reprises do not offer certificates to the Participating Users, as well as any Auxiliary Materials and other benefits or functionalities offered to Users who purchase the Access Plan, unless expressly informed otherwise.

2.3. Obligation to Use the Platform Correctly

By using the Platform, the User undertakes to comply with the applicable Brazilian law, as well as all the provisions of these Terms and other specific terms and regulations available on the Platform, including but not limited to any legislation linked to the internet and its as well as the current Copyright Law and related laws, and should not produce, make available, disclose or transmit on the Platform and other social networks, blog and domain linked to the NANDO COSTA MUSIC, any content that:

- Are contrary to any rule of Brazilian law, or that encourages any form of violence, xenophobia, discrimination and / or prejudice of any nature;

- Is protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, without the User having previously obtained from its holders the necessary authorization to use said content;

- Incorporate viruses or other physical or electronic elements that may cause damage or impede the regular operation of the Platform network, as well as the worldwide computer network, the system or hardware and software of third parties and the NANDO COSTA MUSIC, or that may cause damage to electronic documents and files stored on such computer equipment;

- Cause, due to its characteristics (such as shape, extension, etc.), difficulties in the regular operation of the Services by NANDO COSTA MUSIC and the Platform.

You acknowledge that in any event you are solely responsible for your use of the Platform, social networks, blogs, domains owned by NANDO COSTA MUSIC domains and the ones linked to the Platform, as well as any content inserted by it.

Users shall not enter on the Platform social networks, blogs, domains owned by NANDO COSTA MUSIC linked to the Platform, hyperlinks of any kind, especially those that link to content that promotes or contains illicit and malicious content, as well as has any relationship or connotation with pedophilia or erotic or sexual content involving minors that promotes violence , xenophobia, discrimination of any kind, illegal activities such as drug trafficking, terrorism, racism, violence, piracy, counterfeiting or any other form that violates or contributes to the violation of protection of intellectual property rights, among others. THE NANDO COSTA MUSIC is not responsible for the insertion of hyperlinks in the Platform, being the User solely responsible for any hyperlink made available by him.

2.4. Intellectual property

The contents available in the Platform, such as computer programs, files, texts, icons, drawings, videos, sounds, trademarks, logos, layouts, teaching materials, logos, distinctive signs, algorithms, templates, images, contents, photographs, graphics, links , visual and audiovisual works in general, including the Courses and their derivative works, such as advertising and institutional materials, teasers, pills, among others, as well as Auxiliary Materials (collectively referred to as "Content" in the singular and "Contents" in the plural ) are the exclusive property of NANDO COSTA MUSIC, or third parties who have authorized it for such use and exploitation, and are protected by international law and treaty, and may not copy, reproduce, store, transmit, display, serve, edit, market, or create and develop it. of new works and materials derived from the Courses, Auxiliary Materials and other content of the Platform, or any other type of use (total or partial), through any kind of material support existing or in the future, whether analog. or digital, with violators subject to the corresponding civil and criminal sanctions under Laws 9.279 / 96, 9.610 / 98, and 9.609 / 98.

Accordingly, the User shall use the Platform, Auxiliary Material and all Content made available therein, in accordance with the Brazilian and international legal framework for the protection of intellectual property, in accordance with these Terms of Use and the other instructions, terms and specific regulations in the Platform, refraining from reproducing, copying, storing, transmitting, displaying, transmitting, editing, marketing, assigning, licensing or otherwise without the prior authorization of the NANDO COSTA MUSIC, by any means, platform or support that exists or may exist in the future, the Courses (Live Courses and Catalog Courses), Auxiliary Material and Content made available on the Platform and other social networks, blogs and domains owned by NANDO COSTA MUSIC linked to the Platform.

All Courses, Auxiliary Materials, and Content that are made available to the User on the Platform are provided solely as is and only for your personal, non-commercial information, learning and strictly personal use as designated by You. NANDO COSTA MUSIC. The Courses, Auxiliary Materials and Content may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcasted, publicly or privately displayed, sold, licensed or otherwise exploited for any purpose, without the prior written consent given by NANDO COSTA MUSIC.

During User access to the Platform, the NANDO COSTA MUSIC grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited license so that the User can access the Courses, Content and Auxiliary Material in accordance with the Access Plan acquired, and no other right, license or title is granted to the User in function of his access to the Platform.

All trademarks, distinctive signs, trade names or logos of any kind, made available on the Platform, in the Courses and in the Content, are the property of NANDO COSTA MUSIC or third parties who have granted authorization for such use and exploitation, without the use of the Platform and access to the Courses and Content may be understood as an authorization for the User to be able to quote, use, exploit and reproduce such marks, distinctive signs , trade names and logos.

Experts have authorized the NANDO COSTA MUSIC to use their image, name and voice in the Courses, Auxiliary Material and Content, exclusively for their availability in the Platform and other social networks, blogs and domains owned by the NANDO COSTA MUSIC and / or your business partners. Thus, any reproduction, transmission, placement, marketing and improper display of the Courses, Auxiliary Material and Content available on the Platform and other social networks, blogs and domains owned by the Company. NANDO COSTA MUSIC and / or its commercial partners constitutes, in addition to the violation of intellectual property rights, violation of the image rights, name and voice of the Expert, and it is the sole responsibility of the User to indemnify the Expert for breach of the provisions of these Terms, without prejudice to the reparation of damages and of all expenses incurred by the NANDO COSTA MUSIC due to the infringement.

3. Remuneration

The Access Plan is the package purchased by the User that guarantees unlimited access (i.e. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week) during the contracted period. For the convenience of the User, the Access Plan may be rehired automatically and in accordance with the new conditions available at the time of rehiring, provided that the automatic renewal option is maintained in your access profile, in the Platform. In the case of automatic re-engagement, the form of payment initially chosen will be applicable for the new hire. The User must manifest beforehand if he or she wishes to change the payment method when the Access Plan is re-contracted.

Each Access Plan offered in the Platform confers access to specific Catalog and Live Courses, according to the User's choice.

O Usuário poderá efetuar o pagamento por qualquer das formas de pagamento disponibilizadas na Plataforma para o Plano de Acesso escolhido. Algumas formas de pagamento estão sujeitas à cobrança de determinadas taxas pela instituição financeira responsável pela transação, devendo o Usuário consultar as condições junto a instituição em questão, não cabendo à NANDO COSTA MUSIC a obrigação de prestar quaisquer esclarecimentos nesse sentido e/ou arcar com as eventuais taxas cobradas.

Access to the Platform according to the chosen Access Plan will be activated to the User only after confirmation of the payment of the value related to the Access Plan by the financial entity responsible for the transaction.

The User may exercise, within 07 (seven) days, from the availability of access to the Platform after payment of the Access Plan, his right of repentance, provided for in article 40 of Law 8.098 / 1990 (Code of Defense of the ("Right of Repentance"), by means of the request for cancellation of access to the Platform and the return of the amounts paid by the Access Plan chosen in the manner set forth in the item "Cancellation".

Offers for the acquisition of the Access Plan, as well as the manner of commercialization of the Access Plans (including access period, values, categories, forms of payment, among others), provided in the Platform, may be changed at any time by NANDO COSTA MUSIC at its sole discretion.

The values ​​of the Access Plans may change at any time. The recontracting of Access Plans after the term of the Contract Term pursuant to item 4 below will also be subject to the new conditions in force at the time of renewal by the User.

4. Free Access Period (Trial)

A NANDO COSTA MUSIC e/ou os seus parceiros, poderão oferecer ao Usuário e ao público em geral, períodos limitados de acesso gratuito à Plataforma e aos Cursos, por meio de promoções, vouchers e demais ações publicitárias.

A NANDO COSTA MUSIC e os seus parceiros poderão estipular condições e requisitos específicos para que o Usuário possa usufruir ou não do Período de Acesso Gratuito e a forma limitada ou irrestrita de fruição.

For the use of the Free Access Period, the User must register on the Platform and choose the Access Plan that he intends to contract upon the end of the Free Access Period.

At the end of the Free Access Period, the value of the Access Plan chosen will be automatically charged to the User.

If you do not wish to charge your Access Plan automatically after the Free Access Period, you may disable this functionality in your User Area and your access to the Platform will be suspended on the last day of the Free Access Period.

If, upon termination of the Free Access Period, the User acquires the Access Plan and is charged, the User shall be subject to the other rules and conditions for remuneration, cancellation and renewal of the Access Plan.

A relação contratual entre o Usuário e a NANDO COSTA MUSIC se dará no primeiro dia de acesso à Plataforma pelo Período de Acesso Gratuito. Todavia, para fins de contabilização do período do Plano de Acesso adquirido, será considerado o dia de cobrança do Plano de Acesso adquirido.

The Right of Repentance shall apply for the period of 7 (seven) days after the end of the Free Access Period and the charge of the Access Plan.

5. Access Plan Duration, Renewal, Cancellation and Interruption

5.1. Duration

The hiring of the Access Plan will have the variable term to be informed by the NANDO COSTA MUSIC in accordance with the offer provided in the Platform upon acquisition by the User (“Contracted Term”).

If NANDO COSTA MUSIC If you choose to offer Access Plans with indefinite terms, the conditions of cancellation, duration and renewal will be provided in specific terms of use to govern this type of Access Plan.

During the Contracted Term and except for the Right of Repentance, the User may cancel at any time the Access Plan, subject to the conditions and penalties set forth in the "Cancellation" item.

5.2. Renovation

Upon expiration of the initial Contracted Term, the User may renew the contracting of the Access Plan for the period informed on the Platform. according to the values ​​in force at the time of renewal.

In the event that the user does not wish that the renewal of the contracting of the Access Plan after the end of the Contracted Term is automatic, he may deactivate this functionality in his user area and his access to the Platform will be suspended on the last day of the Contracted Term.

A NANDO COSTA MUSIC poderá, a seu livre critério, promover ações para a renovação antecipada do Plano de Acesso pelo Usuário durante a vigência do Prazo Contratado, mediante aceitação do Usuário. Nesse caso, a renovação antecipada, implicará no pagamento mensal do Plano de Acesso (caso ele tenha sido adquirido em parcelas) em vigor e na cobrança do Plano de Acesso renovado com as novas condições, de forma cumulada.

After the renewal of the hiring of the Access Plan, the User may cancel the Access Plan contracted at any time, subject to the conditions and penalties set forth in the "Cancellation" item.

5.3. Cancellation

In accordance with the terms of these Terms, the User may request the cancellation of his Access Plan through e-mail

The cancel request will generate a protocol number. The User must confirm his / her personal data and the conditions of cancellation through the e-mail received, so that his cancellation request is validated. The date of cancellation will be considered the date of confirmation of the conditions of cancellation by the User through the email received.

The cancellation request can only be made by the User that owns the registration in the Platform, even if, eventually, the User uses some means of payment of a third party. In the latter case, the third party may request the cancellation of the Access Plan, provided that it proves fraud in the transaction and / or states that it did not authorize the use of the means of payment of its ownership.

During the Contracted Term, the User may cancel his Access Plan at any time, however, he will be subject to a fine of 25% (twenty five percent) of the amount of the total remaining period of the Access Plan. The effective cancellation of access will occur from the first working day of the month subsequent to the cancellation request, by charging the remaining period of the month in question, regardless of the day of the request made by the User.

5.4. Interruption

A NANDO COSTA MUSIC está facultada a dar por terminado, suspender ou interromper unilateralmente e a qualquer momento, o acesso à Plataforma por qualquer motivo ou de forma imotivada e sem a necessidade de prévio aviso, sem que eventual indenização de qualquer natureza seja devida ao Usuário, mediante o cancelamento das cobranças referentes ao Plano de Acesso e/ou a devolução de valor eventualmente pago de forma antecipada, conforme o caso.

A NANDO COSTA MUSIC se reserva no direito de recusar ou finalizar, suspender ou interromper o acesso à Plataforma e/ou ao Plano de Acesso, a qualquer momento e sem necessidade de prévio aviso, por iniciativa própria ou por exigência de um terceiro, àqueles Usuários que descumprirem os presentes Termos a legislação aplicável, demais regulamentos previstos na Plataforma e/ou representarem riscos ou danos às atividades da NANDO COSTA MUSIC, à Plataforma e demais Usuários e terceiros.

The User acknowledges that the NANDO COSTA MUSIC You may, at any time, remove from the Platform and / or replace, alter any Course, Ancillary Material or Content made available without notice and without any indemnity of any kind whatsoever to you due to such removal / replacement / alteration. .

In any event and in accordance with the provisions of these Terms, NANDO COSTA MUSIC will not refund payments already made or grant credits for partially used Access Plan periods or for Courses and Content not accessed by the User.

6. Certificate Issuance

A NANDO COSTA MUSIC emitirá certificado, em meio exclusivamente eletrônico (“Certificado”), aos Usuários que, de forma cumulativa: (i) adquirirem o Plano de Acesso – Curso Completo – Airsculping Mixagem / Teoria de Áudio (ii) assistirem um mínimo de 90% do curso e (iii) obtiverem aproveitamento igual ou superior a 70% (setenta por cento) nas atividades e avaliações finais do Curso, quando aplicáveis (“Aproveitamento Mínimo”).

In the case of the final evaluation of the Course, the User is entitled to 03 (three) attempts to obtain the Certificate, and the percentage achieved in the two attempts can not be added for the purposes of achieving the Minimum Utilization.

The User declares in full knowledge that the NANDO COSTA MUSIC does not have any link with the Ministry of Education (MEC), offering only vocational courses that are not subject to the regulation of the organ in question, so that the Certificates granted do not confer to the User any type of academic title.

Certificates will not be issued to Users who participate in the Live Courses, Mini-Courses and / or who are in the Free Access Period.

7. Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability

The content of the Courses, Content and Auxiliary Materials available on the Platform is developed by Experts in conjunction with the NANDO COSTA MUSIC, being the Platform only a means of communication for the Courses, Contents and Auxiliary Materials.

A NANDO COSTA MUSIC não será, em hipótese alguma, responsável por quaisquer danos decorrentes da interrupção, suspensão e finalização do acesso ou falhas no funcionamento da Plataforma, provocados por terceiros, casos fortuitos ou eventos de força maior. Do mesmo modo, a NANDO COSTA MUSIC não se responsabiliza pela defraudação da utilidade que os Usuários possam ter atribuído à Plataforma, nem por qualquer dificuldade de acesso à Plataforma, incluindo pelo funcionamento e qualidade da rede de internet do Usuário que será de sua exclusiva responsabilidade.

A NANDO COSTA MUSIC utiliza as melhores práticas recomendadas de mercado para manter seguros todos os dados inseridos pelo Usuário na Plataforma. No entanto, a NANDO COSTA MUSIC se exime de responsabilidade pelos danos e prejuízos de toda natureza que possam decorrer do conhecimento que terceiros não autorizados possam ter de quaisquer das informações repassadas pelo Usuário, em decorrência de falha atribuível aos Usuários ou a terceiros que fujam a qualquer controle razoável da NANDO COSTA MUSIC.

A NANDO COSTA MUSIC não garante a ausência de vírus na Plataforma, bem como outros elementos nocivos que possam produzir alterações nos sistemas informáticos dos Usuários (software e hardware) ou nos documentos eletrônicos armazenados no sistema informático, eximindo-se de qualquer responsabilidade pelos danos e prejuízos que possam decorrer da presença de vírus ou de outros elementos nocivos na Plataforma.

A NANDO COSTA MUSIC poderá a seu livre critério sem a necessidade de aviso prévio, realizar quaisquer alterações na Plataforma que julgar necessárias, sem que eventuais indenizações de qualquer natureza sejam devidas ao Usuário em razão disso.

Any changes, updates and maintenance to the Platform may result in the suspension and momentary interruption of the User access to the Platform, without this being the responsibility of the NANDO COSTA MUSIC for any indemnity of any nature to the User.

The User undertakes to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the NANDO COSTA MUSIC with respect to any claim, loss, damage, costs or expenses incurred as a result of your improper use of the Platform, the Courses, Contents and Auxiliary Materials made available therefor, for the infringement of intellectual property rights of the NANDO COSTA MUSIC or any third party, for the improper use of the image, name and voice of the Experts and other professionals who participate in the Courses and Content, as well as for violation of the provisions of these Terms.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the maximum value to which the NANDO COSTA MUSIC is responsible, irrespective of the reason for the request, is limited to the amount NANDO COSTA MUSIC for the service provided in the year of occurrence, provided that the alleged damage is unequivocally proven.

8. General Provisions

If any part of these Terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such part shall be construed in a manner consistent with applicable law to reflect, as far as possible, the original intent of the NANDO COSTA MUSIC and Users, and the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect.

The failure of NANDO COSTA MUSIC in claiming any rights or provisions of these Terms shall not constitute a waiver, and may exercise its right regularly, within the legal time limits.

A NANDO COSTA MUSIC, poderá, a qualquer momento, ceder ou transferir a qualquer título, os direitos e obrigações previstos nos presentes Termos e a relação contratual entre o Usuário e a NANDO COSTA MUSIC.

These Terms may be modified and / or changed from time to time, in whole or in part, by the NANDO COSTA MUSIC without previous communication. Therefore, it is recommended to the User to read the provisions of these Terms. By using the Platform after such changes, the User will be consenting to the revised version of these Terms.

9. Notifications

All notifications and communications (hereinafter "Notices") by the User to the NANDO COSTA MUSIC are considered effective, for all intents and purposes, when directed to the email address provided on the Platform.

All notifications and communications (hereinafter "Notices") by the NANDO COSTA MUSIC to the User will be considered effective, for all purposes, when they take place in one of the following ways:

- Sending a letter to the User's home when the User has provided a valid, correct and accurate address to the NANDO COSTA MUSIC;

- Sending by e-mail to any of the addresses provided by the User;

- By including messages on the Platform.

10. Legislation and Forum

These Terms shall be governed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, regardless of the conflicts of those laws with laws of other states or countries, being the jurisdiction of the User's place of residence in Brazil to resolve any doubts arising from these Terms. The User expressly consents to the jurisdiction of this court, and hereby waives the jurisdiction of any other forum, no matter how privileged it may or may become.